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Back up and running!

Our Subscriber Resources section is back up and running now after technical difficulties. All subscribers of our latest issue have the access password (found in the front of the magazine). Subscriber Resources You haven't subscribed? Well, you can fix that right here by subscribing now! Issue 6, out now! 😀 In the meantime, here's the… Continue reading Back up and running!

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Free Magazine!!

We are just coming up to our third-year anniversary of printing Rooted and in celebration of that, we're giving away for free a PDF of Issue 5! 😀 rooted_sample_edition5Download If you enjoy it, why not subscribe to the magazine to receive printed copies of our publication. (Remember, Rooted is a non-profit organisation, so we're solely… Continue reading Free Magazine!!

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He Who Strengthens Me

I’ve written about this verse before (see All Things ), but I think it is a topic which is so important that it should be shared again. A friend reminded me of the verse this week, and I’ve been musing on it a lot.

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Look What’s Just Arrived!

Issue 3 of Rooted is finally here!  Don’t miss out! Please subscribe now! When you subscribe you get a year’s subscription (two issues), and access to our Subscribers Resources which include free digital copies of the magazines along with other downloads.

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There will always be a bright side - even if the only one you can see at the time is that, as you believe in Christ's sacrifice, your soul will live on for entirety in perfect bliss. Actually, now that I think about it, perfect eternal life isn’t an 'only' thing. It's a complete blessing… Continue reading Gladness!!

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The True Foundation

One dictionary defines a foundation as: ' A basis or underlying principle.' As humans, our foundation is whatever we base our lives on. As Christians, our foundation should be the truth of the gospel. If we try to support our lives on something (or even someone) other than Jesus, it won't make much of a… Continue reading The True Foundation

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Comfort in His Greatness

I love the way this verse shows God's greatness. Because who, other than God could measure the sea in his palm? Who, other than God, could compare outer space and with the width of his hand? I don't know of anyone apart from the Lord who could! I find huge security knowing that my Heavenly… Continue reading Comfort in His Greatness

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I find this verse really helpful; God's power works best in us it when we are broken. He gives us grace. He forgives us and helps us. No matter what, if we accept it, His grace will always be enough. Unity N.

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This verse is quite clear about what we need to do: Rejoice! The writer, Paul, even says so twice to get the point across. Often it can be hard to find things to be joyful and happy about but, even if your life feels a mess, we, as Christians, will always have something to rejoice… Continue reading Rejoice!

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The Light

I have always loved places in the Bible which talk about bright flames shining; so this verse shows just how unfathomably radiant the light of God is, that even the darkest night seems as light as day. He is the brightest - He is the light. The Light of the world which anyone who chooses… Continue reading The Light