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Book Giveaway: Beautiful Girlhood

Our Summer Book Giveaway!

As subscribers to our magazine already know, one of the books we reviewed in Issue One was Beautiful Girlhood by Mable Hale, revised by Karen Andreola. Here it is reprinted for those of you who haven’t read it yet (including details of how to enter the giveaway):

Beautiful Girlhood is an old, but really helpful book, which was first written in 1922 and then revised in 1993 by Karen Andreola. It has many encouraging and thought-provoking chapters in which it likens girlhood to a budding rose which blossoms as you grow towards womanhood.

“You have to wait until [the bud] is full grown and fully open, till it has reached its maturity, before you can behold the complete flower. But in the opening blossom the beauty of the mature rose is blended with the grace and charm of the bud.”

(Beautiful Girlhood, pages 11-12)

A quote from Beautiful Girlhood, which is really what the book is about. It covers everything from watching your tongue (my hardest challenge!) to growing into a godly young woman.

I hope you find Beautiful Girlhood as helpful as I did and still do.

Unity N.


We’re giving away one copy of Beautiful Girlhood to celebrate our first issue, you don’t even have to subscribe to the magazine to enter!

To enter all you need to do is email your name (stating GIVEAWAY) to: before the 31st August 2020.*

*We will never give your details on to any third party but, by entering, you do authorise us to send any Rooted updates via email.

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