Dig In, Rooted

Draw Near to Him

Do you ever feel utterly miserable? Maybe everything is going wrong or maybe the weather is soggy and sad outside… Maybe it’s both. You might feel like you want to go and curl up in a hole.

Or perhaps you are over the moon with happiness, or you feel like you’ve struck gold. Or maybe you feel as if you could burst with excitement! Maybe everything is going your way or the sun is shining brightly in the vibrant blue sky… Maybe it’s both. You might feel like you want to run and jump for joy!

Whether you’re sad or happy, stressed or excited, grumpy or elated, remember your wonderful heavenly Father. I admit that I don’t always do this and certainly don’t do it enough, but you can run to Him and tell Him all about how you feel. Draw near to Him, fling yourself into His waiting arms and pour out all of your emotions to Him. Whether people around you are arguing, you’re having a bad hair day, or someone has said something that was hurtful, you can pour it all out and free all that pent-up emotion. Whether you’ve won a prize, or there’s a birthday coming up in a few days, or you’ve just received an exciting parcel in the post, you can pour it all out and tell him all about your happiness and excitement!

Whatever you have to say, He’s interested in it. He’s interested in you. You are His precious child and He wants to have a chat. So draw near to Him, tell Him all about it, have a conversation with Him!

Jemimah Da friend of Unity’s. 😊

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