Dig In, Rooted

I’ll Do It Later

One a cloudy Saturday afternoon I was at home doing some laundry. 😒 If looks could kill, anyone who looked at me would faint! You see, that week, I hadn’t really done my chore (laundry) very well so I had had been told to redo it. I tend to have a lot of things going at the same time. As a result, I often leave the most important things to the last minute and laundry happened to be the chore that got left out this time.

Recently, I have been thinking on Proverbs 16:3 which reminds me that I should tell God everything. I realised that I cannot effectively do this without keeping the chief end of mankind constantly in mind. The chief end of mankind is to glorify and enjoy God. When I say chief end of mankind I mean the main purpose of us humans. So I am learning ever so slowly, that everything that I need to do should be timely done to the glory of God. Even if that “thing” is the dreaded chore. 😀

Esther A.

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