Dig In, Rooted

Comfort in His Greatness

I love the way this verse shows God’s greatness. Because who, other than God could measure the sea in his palm? Who, other than God, could compare outer space and with the width of his hand? I don’t know of anyone apart from the Lord who could!

I find huge security knowing that my Heavenly Father is this strong and powerful. Knowing that He loves us so much.

Unity N.

1 thought on “Comfort in His Greatness”

  1. Great point! If God can measure the sea in His palm and if the width of His hand is so wide and WE ARE INSIDE HIS HANDS, imagine what a powerful God is looking after us and holding us. I often look up at the sky in the same with, with all it’s vastness. Reminds me of God’s majesty too! Great thoughts here! God Bless!


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