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Waiting on the Promise

The time preceding a big event is sometimes more exciting than the event itself; the planning, invitations, food, and decorations all struggling for our attention. The rush to make sure that everything goes perfect and that no one is forgotten. And of course life still goes on during special occasions, chores need doing and work still needs to be done. But for most of us that doesn’t detract from the joy of having a special time to come together, to spend time with one another and to fellowship. 

During this Christmas season, we most times get distracted by our huge to-do lists. Yes, cards, gifts, and trees are in no way sinful of themselves. In fact, I personally take pleasure and joy in using these things to be able to talk to others and encourage them. But when these things take focus away or distract us from the reason we come together to celebrate in the first place, these things and traditions are of little value. The purpose of Christmas is to remember that the Messiah, the Saviour of the world was born for sinful me and for sinful you, to die even though He did no wrong.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be exploring some ideas together with the aim of us truly knowing why we celebrate. See you next week to start our series ‘Waiting on the promise’!

Esther A.

1 thought on “Waiting on the Promise”

  1. Yeees!
    There’s so many ways in which we can keep these things like making cards, doing the tree, buying presents, WHILE remembering the actual reason why this time is special.


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