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Waiting on the Promise: All These Things Having Now Been Fulfilled

We have come to the end of this year’s advent. The halls have been decked, trees are up, cards sent, presents wrapped and the food is prepared. All that is left is to enjoy the day that the Lord has given. Throughout this series we have looked at the part that people, such as Mary… Continue reading Waiting on the Promise: All These Things Having Now Been Fulfilled

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Waiting on the Promise: Journeys

Humanity started its wait for the promise when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden by God because of their sin. Because of the Fall, the snake (which represented the Devil) and the woman became mortal enemies. But God promised that he would send a Saviour to defeat the snake. ‘And I will… Continue reading Waiting on the Promise: Journeys

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Waiting on the Promise

The time preceding a big event is sometimes more exciting than the event itself; the planning, invitations, food, and decorations all struggling for our attention. The rush to make sure that everything goes perfect and that no one is forgotten. And of course life still goes on during special occasions, chores need doing and work… Continue reading Waiting on the Promise


Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We hope that even, in what for most has been a very bleak year, you have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of God's own Son; and that the new year is brighter and filled with blessings! 😀 The Light shines in the darkness...John 1:5

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A Miracle!

Wow, if I was Mary I’d be really afraid as I’m sure she was, but because Mary let God help her she was able to do amazing things! Unity N.