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Waiting on the Promise: Christmas Spirit

When I search 'Christmas spirit' on Google, a wide variety of things come up; a blog or two encouraging me to get into 'the spirit' by decorating my house, numerous vendors that want to sell me Christmas merchandise, and a film and a Wikipedia page about Christmas Day. Now on the other hand, if I… Continue reading Waiting on the Promise: Christmas Spirit

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Waiting on the Promise: Journeys

Humanity started its wait for the promise when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden by God because of their sin. Because of the Fall, the snake (which represented the Devil) and the woman became mortal enemies. But God promised that he would send a Saviour to defeat the snake. ‘And I will… Continue reading Waiting on the Promise: Journeys

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Hope In The Valley

The view from the hospital ward! “...Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid.” This verse, and the rest of Psalm 23, has always been one of my favourites; but as I lay, half unconscious, in a hospital bed I appreciated it like never before. The other verses Mum had… Continue reading Hope In The Valley