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Look What’s Just Arrived!

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Dig In, Rooted

A Firm Foundation

Every house needs a firm foundation, when we obey the things God tells us to do in the Bible, it builds us a firm and strong foundation in our faith! 🙂 But when we ignore God’s Word it’s like building on the sand (which is a very bad idea)! This is the whole of the… Continue reading A Firm Foundation

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Building others up

Building others up (which I find very hard) is really important. When you encourage people you're building them up and blessing them at the same time. Sometimes it can be difficult to say encouraging things, as it way easier to say unkind words, but when you do that it's like knocking down the invisible wall… Continue reading Building others up

Dig In, Rooted

God has plans for you!

Isn't it great that when you're worried about the future, you can read this verse and see that God has plans for you. Plans to give you hope when you are unsure, plans that God thought of not only before you were born, but also before He created the world! Unity N.

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Living with two siblings I know how hard it is to live in peace. After being tired of noise and trouble, I soon realized that to have unity I had to consider the next person not just myself. After I had thought of other people, I realized that the house was more peaceful. Sometimes a… Continue reading Togetherness

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A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! The New Year is a start of fresh beginnings, like when you become a believer you start your new Christian life from the beginning. And when God forgives you feel fresh and happy! Esther, Eden and Unity

Christmas, Dig In, Rooted

A Miracle!

Wow, if I was Mary I’d be really afraid as I’m sure she was, but because Mary let God help her she was able to do amazing things! Unity N.

Dig In, Rooted

Loving Each Other

The Bible says that if God loves us we should love one another. This means Christians should be the most loving people in the whole world. . .God loves you no matter what happens to you. Whatever He does, it is because He loves you and it is to teach you something that you need… Continue reading Loving Each Other