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Comfort in His Greatness

I love the way this verse shows God's greatness. Because who, other than God could measure the sea in his palm? Who, other than God, could compare outer space and with the width of his hand? I don't know of anyone apart from the Lord who could! I find huge security knowing that my Heavenly… Continue reading Comfort in His Greatness

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I find this verse really helpful; God's power works best in us it when we are broken. He gives us grace. He forgives us and helps us. No matter what, if we accept it, His grace will always be enough. Unity N.

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This verse is quite clear about what we need to do: Rejoice! The writer, Paul, even says so twice to get the point across. Often it can be hard to find things to be joyful and happy about but, even if your life feels a mess, we, as Christians, will always have something to rejoice… Continue reading Rejoice!

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The Light

I have always loved places in the Bible which talk about bright flames shining; so this verse shows just how unfathomably radiant the light of God is, that even the darkest night seems as light as day. He is the brightest - He is the light. The Light of the world which anyone who chooses… Continue reading The Light

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Seek God’s Kingdom

A little while ago, I decided that I should put God first and always read my Bible and pray every day. I thought that would be easy to keep and would be able to fit into my daily schedule. But it wasn't going as planned. As I made a start of it, I kept trying… Continue reading Seek God’s Kingdom

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All Things

Most days it seems now, I find myself thinking and worrying that I won't be able to get tasks done on time, or even at all. I've been reading this particular verse over and over, realising that if the things I'm doing are what God wants me to do then He'll give me enough strength… Continue reading All Things

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I’ll Do It Later

One a cloudy Saturday afternoon I was at home doing some laundry. 😒 If looks could kill, anyone who looked at me would faint! You see, that week, I hadn't really done my chore (laundry) very well so I had had been told to redo it. I tend to have a lot of things going… Continue reading I’ll Do It Later

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The New Year

2020 was a uncertain year. One day you could go out as you please, do anything you want. The next moment there were lockdowns, self isolation, face masks and hand sanitiser. This time last year, we had no idea that a virus would start in China and spread to the whole world! How hard must… Continue reading The New Year


Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We hope that even, in what for most has been a very bleak year, you have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of God's own Son; and that the new year is brighter and filled with blessings! 😀 The Light shines in the darkness...John 1:5

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Draw Near to Him

Do you ever feel utterly miserable? Maybe everything is going wrong or maybe the weather is soggy and sad outside… Maybe it’s both. You might feel like you want to go and curl up in a hole. Or perhaps you are over the moon with happiness, or you feel like you’ve struck gold. Or maybe… Continue reading Draw Near to Him